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Cesar Lopez

Simplicity: The Propaganda of More

We live with a nagging sense that we never have enough – enough time in the day or money in the bank. We feel torn in multiple directions. Tired of low-grade fatigue. Behind on everything. Beset by constant distraction. We all know the cliché that “the most important things in life aren’t things” is true, and yet time and again we fall for advertising’s ploy. Is there a practice from the way of Jesus that could set our heart free from what Jesus called “the deceitfulness of wealth,” the false promise that money and stuff can give us security and satisfaction? To get free of the endless cycle of desire, and find contentment, margin, and life in the kingdom with Jesus? Yes. It is the practice of simplicity.

David Lawson

Good News Part 3

"God is with you mighty warrior!" This is what Gideon was told as the world was crashing down all around him. It took him a while to believe...can anyone relate. 

Cesar Lopez

Good News Part 2

This week Cesar Lopez shares the Good News of Jesus and his Kingdom!

David Lawson

Good News Part 1

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