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    The Valley Church is part of a family of churches in the International Churches of Christ. We seek to help everyone in the San Fernando come to know God and become a part of our family.

Cesar Lopez

Some Good News Part 7

Today, we’re introduced to these two new faces at the cross, traditionally known as “the two thieves” –  thief A (Attitude) with a hard heart and the thief B (Broken) with soft heart. Can a hard heart get beyond healing? Why does Luke the Physician not give any details about the physical suffering of Jesus on the Cross? The Cross is good news for some and no news for others.  Let us learn today how the  Good News of the Cross can change any heart today.

Greg Russell

Some Good News Part 6

This week we have a guest speaker, Greg Russell, from our Lifeway ministry. Greg and his wife Dawn serve as ministers for the Glendale sector. Greg shares from the gospel of Luke, guiding us through the parable of the tenants. Showing us that God is breaking us down to do an even greater work in us.

Cesar Lopez

Some Good News Part 5

We continue our series on Some Good News. Our lead evangelist, Cesar Lopez, walks us through the Parable of the Lost Son, and shows us how we can avoid having older brother syndrome.

David Lawson

Some Good News Part 4

This week we continue or series, Some Good News. Our Campus Minister, David Lawson, walks us through the parable of the Good Samaritan. We learn that it is not good enough to feel pity, we must be moved to action by our compassion.