• A family of churches

    The Valley Church is part of a family of churches in the International Churches of Christ. We seek to help everyone in the San Fernando come to know God and become a part of our family.

The New Normal

David Lawson

This Sunday, David Lawson, takes a look at the life of Paul and how a confrontation with Jesus changes the course of his life forever.

The New Normal

Jerry Sugarman

This Sunday one of our Elders, Jerry Sugarman, preached from the book of Job. Where he showed us that even admist adveristy we can trust in God and have hope.

Mother's Day Service

The New Normal

Cesar walks us through the Sermon on the mount and how this declaration changed the whole world.

The New Normal

Gary Smith

Gary tells us about how Jesus changed the life of a simple fisherman to a Man of God with impact.