• A family of churches

    The Valley Church is part of a family of churches in the International Churches of Christ. We seek to help everyone in the San Fernando come to know God and become a part of our family.


Bible Reading

Often we feel like there is not enough time to be in the word daily. As the New Year is on our front door we wanted to equip you with tools to daily engage with God in his Word this year. Below are three documents to help with this. 

Community Bible Reading Plan

This plan is not so much a sprint through the Bible but a way to create a daily rhythm in God's word. It is structured in such a way that every year you will read the New Testament, and every three years you will read the Old Testament. You will read one chapter in the New Testament and one chapter in the Old Testament Monday through Friday, and on Saturday you will read a Psalm, on Sunday we will engage in the word together as a church family. 

First Principles studies

These studies will help you go from seeking God to disicpleship. They can be completed on your own, but you will get the most out of these studies if you do them with a community of disciples to guide you them.

We hope this is helpful for you, and we are excited to see what God does as we engage with him and his Word this year!